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Unleash the Power of Great Customer Experience [Genesys News]

Customer Service

Today was a big day for announcements on cloud customer engagement technology. Genesys announced three new offerings and at Saleforce’s Dreamforce they launched their Salesforce1 Customer Platform.  Our announcement encompasses not only new Genesys capabilities, but platform integration from the recently acquired Angel, Utopy and SoundBite Communications.

Below is an excerpt from Genesys president and CEO Paul Segre’s blog about the announcement:

From pure cloud contact center solutions for smaller companies to tailor-made solutions that can support massive deployments, we are excited to bring three new contact center offers to market – all available now. The new offers include: Genesys Premier Edition for small to mid-sized contact centers, Genesys Business Edition for mid-sized contact centers, and Genesys Enterprise Edition for large contact centers. These new editions of Genesys represent the most comprehensive set of contact center solutions ever made available in the market. They also introduce some cutting-edge new Genesys capabilities, including intuitive analytics, which provide visual dashboards and interactive reports for real-time monitoring of contact center operations and performance.

Today’s news is significant for 3 reasons:

  • First, we’re meeting the increasingly pervasive appetite for cloud software consumption that our buyers are demanding for customer experience and contact center solutions.
  • Second, it’s bringing the industry-leading capabilities of Genesys and the power of unleashing great experiences to more companies than ever before – from small to mid-sized contact centers to the largest deployments in the world.
  • Finally, it’s bringing the benefits of our recent acquisitions – Utopy, Angel, SoundBite and Echopass – quickly to our customers. We are rapidly integrating these companies and technologies into our business and product offerings – for the benefit of our customers.

Genesys is now available to more companies and in more deployment models than ever before. Unleash the power of customer experience with Genesys today!

To read the full blog by Paul Segre, click here. To learn more about our new offerings, contact your representative today or contact us today.

If you are at Dreamforce, join the Customer Experience Revolution with Genesys. We will be at the event all week, hosting live demonstrations at booth N1313 in the Cloud Expo and speaking at three sessions on Wednesday. Click here to learn more about the Genesys participation at Dreamforce.


Today is the 1st Annual CX Day!


Happy Customer Experience Day! Today is the first annual CX Day, founded by The Temkin Group and Customer Experience Professionals Association, which we are a proud member of. CX Day celebrates great customer experience and the professionals who make it happen. Check out CXPA’s Customer Experience Day celebration at cxday.org. There are live networking and web events all day including a webinar with Dan Hesse, CEO of Sprint, a Blog Carnival featuring industry bloggers, and the announcement of the CX Impact Awards.

As part of the countdown to this new CX holiday, Bruce Temkin on his blog, Customer Experience MattersTM has been offering a CX tip a day. Below is an excerpt of my top 5 tips from Bruce’s blog 50 CX Tips: Simple Ideas, Powerful Results.

Define Competencies for Living the Brand – Microsoft defined six values to support its corporate mission: To enable people and businesses throughout the world to realize their full potential.  To foster its values, Microsoft has developed a set of key competencies (core, leadership & profession specific) that every employee is measured against in terms of their proficiency in demonstrated behaviors. The competencies help to plan careers, build necessary capabilities for success in a role, and inform performance reviews. “Customer Focus” is a core competency for all employees, measured on a 5 point proficiency scale.

Tap Into Customer Insights from Unstructured Data – As more companies thirst for customer feedback, the number of surveys has escalated. But there is a limit to customers’ willingness to complete surveys. As completion rates get more difficult to maintain, companies need to become more efficient with the questions they ask, target questions at specific customers in specific situations, and stop relying on multiple-choice questions. Tidbit:  When we [the Temkin Group] asked large companies with VoC programs about the changing importance of eight listening posts, multiple choice survey questions were at the bottom of the list. Companies must learn to integrate their customer feedback with other customer data and tap into rich sources of customer insights in unstructured data such as open-ended comments, call center conversations, emails from customers, and social media. This new, deeper foundation of customer intelligence will require strengthening capabilities in text and predictive analytics.

Map Your Customer’s Journey - BMO Financial’s approach to customer journey mapping includes both the customer view and the internal view. This ensures not only that customers’ reactions are represented for each touchpoint, but that the impact of internal policies, training, and measures and targets for each interaction are also factored in. Internal stakeholder interviews and employee focus groups provide the view of “what we think happens” and external research identifies customers’ needs and wants as part of mapping the ideal experience. A gap analysis is used to gain agreement on the opportunities, which are then incorporated into customer experience action plans.

Analyze Promoters and Detractors Separately – Companies often focus their efforts obsessing about why customers are unhappy. While this is great for eliminating detractors, it may not actually increase customer loyalty. Why? Because loyalty is not the opposite of dissatisfaction. In addition to analyzing unhappiness, you should also analyze what makes customers really happy and loyal, which is often more than just eliminating problems. A focus on loyalty will also create a more positive vibe inside of an organization, since it’s a good counter-balance with the overwhelming negative feelings that can be associated with discussions about problems.

Use Job Shadowing to Improve Cross-Channel Cooperation – Sprint uses a cross-channel program to create more engagement between call center and retail store employees. Each group visits the others’ locations for job shadowing in order to gain a greater appreciation of the customer experience and operations in each other’s settings and identify lessons to bring back to their own workplace.

Click here to read the other 45 great tips from Bruce’s blog. What is your tip for CX success? Comment below and let us know.



The Cloud is Leveling the Customer Service Playing Field

The Cloud

Companies are using enterprise applications delivered through the cloud to do everything from track sales performance to store data. In fact, the public cloud services market is forecast to grow 18.5 percent in 2013 to total $131 billion worldwide, up from $111 billion in 2012, according to Gartner, Inc.

Cloud-based contact center solutions are giving companies of all sizes a tremendous amount of flexibility to engage customers across voice, web, social and mobile channels. Whether the company is small or large, or the business demands are simple or complex, cloud solutions provide the scalability needed to develop a customized contact center environment fitted to businesses’ unique needs.  What’s more, cloud applications have proven to be increasingly cost effective as they don’t require additional investments in IT infrastructure.

Cloud solutions are truly leveling the playing field when it comes to customer service. Small contact centers no longer have to settle for less functionality and large contact centers have access to the tools needed to ensure a consistent customer experience across all channels. As a result, adopting a cloud delivery model has become increasingly crucial.

Just last week we announced Genesys Cloud to ensure companies of all sizes and industries can take advantage of world-class customer engagement combined with the benefits of rapid Click here to read more »


How Voice Solutions Can Encourage Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty

With the combination of online shopping growing at a much faster rate than in-store retail and the demand for an omnichannel experience (the ability to buy online, return in-store, or vice-versa) increasing in popularity with consumers, traditional retailers are faced with a greater challenge to maintain customer loyalty than in previous years.  What’s more, the ability to easily find a digital discount is no more than a search engine click away, making it more difficult for retailers to retain consumers’ business.  So, amidst all of these challenges, what’s a business to do? Deliver the best customer service possible.

While this may be easier said than done, advancements in customer experience technology can help make the goal of total customer satisfaction more realistic than ever. For example, Angel’s hosted IVR and call center solutions empower retailers to deliver cost-effective customer service, with customers experiencing the high-quality service they expect and deserve.  To enhance how IVR and call center solutions improve your business’ customer experience, we’ve identified five top tips for retailers to ensure they are driving quality, not cost:

  • Make your brand work for you: While the phone has been a service point for most retailers for many years, it has been relatively neglected as a viable sales and support channel and means to drive and promote business, and ultimately obtain positive brand awareness. The telephone represents an ideal way to communicate your message, deliver customer service, and even drive new revenue opportunities for your business.

The Five Biggest Obstacles to Avoid for Effective Customer Experience Management


If your organization’s driving goal is to delight customers, create a personalized experience and expand bottom line results, the processes used to track, oversee and organize interactions between each customer and your organization are what makes Customer Experience Management (CEM) critically important.

While an ever-increasing number of organizations are turning to CEM to optimize interactions and ultimately foster greater customer and brand loyalty, here are five things you should avoid when striving to improve your organization’s customer experiences:

1) Don’t get trapped by any single platform or channel. Landline phones, while once the choice of nearly all customers, are now being replaced by email and mobile apps. Recent research has shown that five years ago, 51% of respondents cited a landline phone as the most preferred channel for reaching customer support lines, but today, the number has decreased – 19% will use the phone, but 34% prefer email to connect with support representatives. Offering a multichannel experience will greatly impact how customers interact with an organization and improve the overall experience.

2) Don’t forget to keep website and self-service capabilities up-to-date. Sixty-three percent of customers will go to the organization’s website first to Click here to read more »

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