Nurturing the Doctor-Patient Relationship


Changing government regulations, evolving technologies and growing patient demands and expectations mean healthcare providers need to rethink how they build and cultivate patient relationships.

It makes sense the healthcare industry would be held to high standards and expectations – they’re responsible for improving our quality of life as we face health concerns. This same fact makes building patient confidence crucial to success. So the question becomes: How can healthcare providers nurture patient relationships and build confidence?

Driving Trust with Proactive Engagement

We recently discussed the pharma industry’s golden opportunity to develop relationships with the patients who use their products. However, it remains incredibly important for drug companies to further these relationships by continuing the conversation with both healthcare providers and the end-consumer. This is where healthcare providers come in by proactively engaging in conversation with patients throughout their drug treatment or regimen. Doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers can show they care about patients and their overall health by asking questions about progress or any side effects experienced.

While this may sound costly and time consuming, outbound IVR technology can help by enabling providers to proactively and automatically engage patients through multiple channels such as automated voice calls, SMS messages, email or social media posts. Patients receive only information they find valuable and highly relevant, creating a personalized care experience. At the same time, a communication strategy that incorporates outbound IVR is a cost-effective way for healthcare providers to improve patient confidence.

If you’re interested, you can read more about how our Outbound IVR solution can help healthcare professionals provide personalized service for improved levels of patient trust and loyalty.



About the Author: Rich Scarbath has been working with IVR and contact center solutions for more than 7 years, with a focus on bringing new technologies to large enterprises. With a specific focus in the pharmaceutical industry and large contact centers, he has proven success in streamlining IVR and contact center processes while saving millions for some of the biggest brands in the world. He believes that building these processes with the caller in mind is a core component of introducing new technologies, such as voice biometrics, to the IVR and contact center realms within businesses.

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