The Five Biggest Obstacles to Avoid for Effective Customer Experience Management


If your organization’s driving goal is to delight customers, create a personalized experience and expand bottom line results, the processes used to track, oversee and organize interactions between each customer and your organization are what makes Customer Experience Management (CEM) critically important.

While an ever-increasing number of organizations are turning to CEM to optimize interactions and ultimately foster greater customer and brand loyalty, here are five things you should avoid when striving to improve your organization’s customer experiences:

1) Don’t get trapped by any single platform or channel. Landline phones, while once the choice of nearly all customers, are now being replaced by email and mobile apps. Recent research has shown that five years ago, 51% of respondents cited a landline phone as the most preferred channel for reaching customer support lines, but today, the number has decreased – 19% will use the phone, but 34% prefer email to connect with support representatives. Offering a multichannel experience will greatly impact how customers interact with an organization and improve the overall experience.

2) Don’t forget to keep website and self-service capabilities up-to-date. Sixty-three percent of customers will go to the organization’s website first to resolve an issue when they encounter a problem. They will use elements such as chat services to interact (18% say this is the first channel of choice), ask questions and resolve issues – that is, if online FAQs and chat services are easy and convenient to use and find on a company’s site.

3) If your customers are mobile, then you must be too. In the next five years, 24% of respondents predict the mobile phone will be the first go-to source for solving customer-related issues. Keeping pace with mobility demands investments in new applications and services that allow customers to interact, make purchases and resolve issues, through secure, handheld and wireless technologies. To note, 41% of respondents to our survey confirmed that they have already downloaded a mobile application to better connect with customer service reps, a sign that investing in improving a mobile experience will be worthwhile for companies looking to enhance the customer experience.

4) It is about the relationship, above all. CEM takes its roots from customer relationship management (CRM), and strives to help organizations use technological advances such as cloud-based services and real-time analytics to streamline, optimize and improve interactions with customers. More and more organizations are realizing the tools and platforms used to optimize customer experiences are best delivered in a service or SaaS (software as a service) model, which enables them to quickly implement and leverage information, to gain better insights and deliver new and better services to customers.

5) It’s impossible to delight if you don’t fully understand how you customer interacts. Greater visibility into customer interactions and anticipating customer needs can bring a company enormous benefits resulting in increased brand loyalty and personalized experiences.  Some benefits include: far greater control over information delivered to customers, transparent visibility into service operations, the ability to measure and improve brand messaging and a better understanding of the full customer experience.



About the Author: As Vice President of Marketing and Product Strategy, Don is responsible for global marketing and product strategy for all channels. Don is a marketing veteran with over 18 years of successful business and brand building experience at a number of world-class technology, software and Internet companies. Prior to joining Angel, Mr. Keane was VP of Marketing and Sales at RingCube Technologies; VP of Marketing at LegalMatch, and Managing Director/Vice President at Earthlink. He has also held marketing leadership positions at Intuit, General Mills, and Rustoleum. Don holds a B.A. from Hamilton College in Clinton, NY and an MBA from UCLA. He sits on the board at Leadverse, Inc., a lead generation company in San Francisco.

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  1. Excellent points, especially the point about being able to reach out to your customer through a variety of channels. There is so much change going on in CRM, and it will continue to evolve. What is refreshing is the return to price not being the only factor considered during a purchase. Social media customers and their inputs will also play a major role. Software needs to keep up the pace, and service your needs now, and change with you to meet your customer’s demands and needs.

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