Why Mobile will be Best Friends with CX and Multichannel Strategies

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If we were to give the world of customer experience (CX) in 2013 a word, it would be mobile.

We promise that’s not a typo: 2013 will be the year of mobile for CX.

Considering a year that saw the tablet market continue to expand and mobile owners grow at an impressive clip, naming 2013 the year of mobile is less than an original concept from a consumer perspective.

But what about those who are working to improve their business’ CX? Let’s take a look at a few stats around how CX is doing within businesses:

  • The State of CX Metrics called out only 35% of marketers consider customer experience metrics when making important decisions
  • According to a BDO global study, 45% of respondents said they do not have a system to identify and address customer service gaps
  • Mobile Shopping Satisfaction Report confirmed that 41 percent of smart phone owners and 43 percent of tablet owners claimed that they would be less likely to shop at a retailer if they had a poor experience using their mobile app

In short – businesses have a long way to go when it comes to CX, opening up a huge opportunity for mobile to help fill the gap.

Fortunately, many industries understand why mobile is going to be a core element of their CX strategies, but are now faced with the challenge of how to best integrate it within their organization.  2013 will be the year that a 360 CX is going to become a reality and mobile will be a core inbound and outbound channel to reach customers. For example, we expect to see a significant rise in customer service mobile apps and see more breakthroughs in how businesses tap mobile devices – whether it’s through applications or SMS – to proactively communicate with its customers.

Mobile will also play a big role in guiding business’ multichannel CX strategies. As we’ve been seeing this holiday season, many consumers are heavily  relying on their mobile devices to make shopping decisions. From checking user reviews on their social networks or searching for product availability, mobile has been the go-to decision-making spot for many customers. We’ve found in our recent customer service survey that customers are going to be increasingly expecting multichannel support and in the coming year, customer behavior will continue to shift towards a mix and match of channels in order to communicate or interact with a brand. Keeping this in mind, it’s in business’ best interest in 2013 to understand how mobile can play an important role in their multichannel customer experience strategies.

Next week, we’re going to tackle what’s in store for cloud and analytics in 2013, but as always, we’re interested in hearing what your business is thinking about for CX and multichannel.


About the Author: As Vice President of Marketing and Product Strategy, Don is responsible for global marketing and product strategy for all channels. Don is a marketing veteran with over 18 years of successful business and brand building experience at a number of world-class technology, software and Internet companies. Prior to joining Angel, Mr. Keane was VP of Marketing and Sales at RingCube Technologies; VP of Marketing at LegalMatch, and Managing Director/Vice President at Earthlink. He has also held marketing leadership positions at Intuit, General Mills, and Rustoleum. Don holds a B.A. from Hamilton College in Clinton, NY and an MBA from UCLA. He sits on the board at Leadverse, Inc., a lead generation company in San Francisco.

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