What Voice Assistants Can Do for You

Voice Assistant

Could you use a personal assistant?  More than likely, you answered a resounding “YES.” Over the past few years, companies have recognized this desire and the need for hands-free assistance on mobile devices to help users complete tasks and enhance the customer experience (CX).

This is where voice-activated assistants come into play. They are setting the pace for both search and task-completion services on mobile devices. If all apps had mobile voice assistants, a user would be able to check their bank statement, order from a favorite restaurant and even check the score of the football game, all from a mobile device just by using their voice. These easy-to-use voice assistants can enhance how users interact with their phones and take productivity to a whole new level.

So why should businesses bother with a voice assistant?

  • Get to know your customers – Voice assistants can provide businesses with detailed analytics on customer application behaviors to find out what kind of information users request the most. This can allow businesses to restructure their apps based on customer wants and needs.
  • Time is precious – Many times, voice interactions allow users to get information and complete tasks in a more efficient manner than visual or touch interactions. When users are interacting with a company, they won’t wait forever to find the information they are looking for, therefore the time they spend with you is precious. Voice applications allow businesses to ensure each interaction with a customer is valuable and wisely spent.
  • It (can be) easy – Using Lexee, anyone can quickly build a conversational, personalized voice solution for their mobile app by using a web-based “point and click” tool that doesn’t require a background in coding. Allowing businesses to sit in the cockpit and have the controls right at their finger tips also allows them to adjust and make changes whenever necessary.

A product like Lexee, gives businesses the ability to create a personalized voice assistant tailored to their customers. Providing users with the tools to verbally connect with a business through their own device only increases customer and business productivity in the long run.

Do you think that a voice assistant would be useful for your company? Let us know in the comments below!


About the Author: Kelly Weinhold is the Product Strategist for Angel. She brings years of product marketing experience and a real understanding of the product lifecycle. In addition, she leverages her expertise in this field to drive product strategy for Angel innovation. Kelly has a degree in International Affairs and Business, and has held several leadership roles in other B2B service organizations supporting the Media, Healthcare, and Consulting industries.

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