Putting Voice and Mobile to Work at Dreamforce 2012

As we’ve discussed here before, we are incredibly excited to introduce Lexee to the market. A product of Angel Labs, the Lexee software development kit (SDK) is backed by Angel’s Customer Experience (CX) Analytics that enables businesses and developers to easily build and deploy fully conversational mobile iOS and Android voice applications as well as measure their effectiveness.

This week at Dreamforce in San Francisco, we’ll be showing Lexee in action with Lexee for Salesforce. This new mobile showcase application will be available in October and opens up a conversational dialogue between a Saleforce.com user and the mobile application, offers users immediate insight into their Salesforce account and powers voice-driven transactions.

Driven entirely by voice commands, Lexee for Salesforce verbally confirms specific information such as:

  • The existing sales pipeline
  • Recent deals that have closed
  • Upcoming deals
  • Percentage probability that upcoming deals will close
  • Information on their sales team
  • Detailed visibility into sales representatives and each representative’s specific sales revenue

In a nutshell, we’re trying to help employees be even more productive, easily identify new revenue opportunities and quickly put their mobile devices to work. There is limited real estate on a smartphone and we’re envisioning that this personalized, voice-enabled bridge between an employee and a mobile device can simplify any transaction and easily provide the information to improve any customer experience.

Please feel free to stop by Booth #333 at Dreamforce to enjoy a cold beer and check out Lexee in action in addition to our other solutions for Salesforce, including Angel’s SupportbyFone, Contact Center  and Voice for Chatter.

Hopefully we’ll see you sometime this week, but as always, we’re interested in hearing your thoughts below!



About the Author: Kelly Weinhold is the Product Strategist for Angel. She brings years of product marketing experience and a real understanding of the product lifecycle. In addition, she leverages her expertise in this field to drive product strategy for Angel innovation. Kelly has a degree in International Affairs and Business, and has held several leadership roles in other B2B service organizations supporting the Media, Healthcare, and Consulting industries.

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