How Retailers Can Create a Personalized Customer Experience

NRF Retail's BIG Show

Angel announced today that it will focus on how retailers can create a better customer experience at the National Retail Federation BIG Show 2012. As more retailers communicate with their customer bases on the phone, on the Web and over social networks, Angel will demonstrate at booth #3022 how retailers can securely leverage each channel to create more personalized customer interactions.

“Good enough customer service just no longer cuts it for retailers,” said Don Keane, Vice President of Marketing at Angel. “Retailers are struggling to differentiate themselves in an increasingly competitive market, all while trying to keep costs low. Creating a customer experience strategy that focuses on multiple channels is imperative to helping retailers customize each customer interaction and build stronger brand loyalty.”

Angel anticipates the following trends will be top priorities for retailers at NRF 2012:

  • Analytics – As retailers look to enhance the customer experience while reducing costs, having on-demand analytics and background insight on past customer purchases and interactions can enable retailers to create a personalized customer interaction strategy.
  • Location services – Emerging location-based services are giving retailers the ability to efficiently direct inbound calls based on location to the appropriate resource within the business as well as quickly help customers locate a retail store, ensuring the customer receives targeted services.
  • Security – With retailers communicating with their customers on different channels, data and transaction security continues to remain a major focus and a key component to building trust and loyalty with the customer base.

Angel works with 40 retail companies, including 10 of the top 100 U.S. retailers, and will demonstrate how retailers can build enterprise-wide strategies around these trends and leverage cloud-based customer experience management tools to efficiently manage the entire life cycle of any customer interaction on the phone, regardless of the channel.


About the Author: David Toliver is the Director of Corporate Marketing for Angel. With a background in marketing, you'll see Dave pop up every so often with news and press surrounding Angel, studies within the IVR industry, as well as some insight into marketing with your IVR system.  As a many-year veteran of Angel, Dave has extensive knowledge of customer solutions and will be offering case studies and commentary about solutions within different industries.  Dave has a Communications degree from Penn State University, and has 15 years of experience working in Marketing in a number of industries including Legal, Retail and Consumer Software.

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