Make Your Contact Center as Hip as a Selfie: 7 Contact Center Trends for 2014

selfieAs 2013 draws to a close, I think about the incredible year we have had, not just with the Angel acquisition by Genesys, but at what was hot in 2013 and what is trending and expected in our industry in 2014.  One trend that I thought was rather fitting was the broad rise of the word Showrooming which, of course, is popular to our retail customers.  Showrooming was one of the new words in the running for the Oxford English Dictionary Word of the Year, but ultimately was beat out by Selfie.

Recently, Genesys hosted a webinar with Frost & Sullivan Analyst Nancy Jamison to discuss contact center trends for 2014.  Nancy shared her rich industry perspective on best practices that contact center leaders not only should look at, but absolutely need to address and incorporate to stay competitive and deliver a great customer experience (CX).  If the word Selfie and its 17,000% growth trend since this time last year is any indicator of what consumers are looking for, you can expect your customers to want, and expect, a personalized experience – one that is a true reflection of who they are and how they choose to do business with your brand.

Here are seven contact center trends to expect in 2014:

  1. Moving to the Cloud: Early adopter companies started their movement to the cloud in earnest in 2012 – two years earlier than predicted. Companies across all industries and sizes are now adopting the cloud as standard. Every IT RFP now has a cloud provider requirement.
  2. Self-Service in the Contact Center: People are fed up with bad IVRs – and who can blame them?  Contact Centers need to use big data and smart analytics to develop better call workflows. This will achieve an improved self-service model – one that puts the customer at the center.
  3. Growth of Mobility and Mobile Apps: A rich two-way mobile experience expands your customer service, extends your marketing reach, and improves capabilities within the contact center. Business apps will continue to grow, causing customers to interact better and embrace mobile – especially for customer care – becoming cross-channel mobile conversations.
  4. Socially Accepted:  Although social media for customer care hasn’t taken off just yet for contact centers – in 2014 it will.  Companies will start embracing social customer care and engaging on more of their customers preferred communications channel.
  5. Big Data Gets Bigger: Incorporating multiple sources of information, like mobile phone number and preferred channel of messaging, into contact center data will drive premiere customer engagement and improve the customer journey.
  6. Omni-channel experience: Carrying the context of a customer interaction across the channels in a convenient, competent, personalized and proactive way takes your CX strategy from multi-channel to an omni-channel experience.
  7. M&A Activity: Merger and acquisition activity will continue in 2014 with companies like Genesys expanding their offerings and bolstering vertical expertise.

So, as you take your own selfie this holiday season, reflect on the year’s past and get ready to kick off the New Year with these 2014 trends that deliver a great CX.

I invite you to learn about other trends in our Frost & Sullivan webinar with Nancy Jamison available on demand.


7 Golden Rules of CX: Guest Post by Bruce Temkin


How can companies come close to achieving their ambitions? By following the golden rules of customer experience. We’ve all heard a version of the Golden Rule “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” In a recent webinar, I translated that concept into The Seven Golden Rules of Customer Experience. Here’s a summary of the rules:

#7 – Only ask if you plan to act.  Treat customer feedback as a limited asset; don’t waste customers time by asking survey questions that you do not plan to, or have the ability to, act upon.

#6 – Mobile-ize your customer processes.  As mobile devices gain even more momentum, you need to design processes that take advantage of these distributed digital devices, not just build apps and mobile websites.

#5 Tap into the power of “why?” People want to affiliate with brands that have a sense of purpose, so make sure you communicate “why” to customers and employees.

#4 Make every ending count.  The way an experience ends has a disproportional impact on how customers remember the entire experience. So make sure to focus your attention on these key moments.

#3 Build your brand from the inside out. Strong brands aren’t just asserted in advertisements, they represent what employees believe to be true about the company.

#2 – Treat employees as assets, not costs. Engaged employees work harder, stay later, and make more recommendations. You can’t create or sustain great customer experience with disengaged employees.

#1 – Focus on customer journeys, not interactions.  Your company is not the center of your customers’ universe. Examine how your customers go about their lives and find ways to create value in their lives.

By following these golden rules of CX, your organization will be on the path to becoming a customer experience leader. Listen to the entire webinar The Seven Golden Rules of Customer Experience to hear more about these golden rules.


Bruce Temkin is the Managing Partner & Customer Experience Transformist  at the Temkin Group. Bruce is widely viewed as a leading expert in customer experience. He has worked with hundreds of large organizations on defining and accelerating their customer experience journeys. He is also the Chair and co-founder of the Customer Experience Professionals Association.


New Chantilly Office Breaks Down CX Walls!


This week was a special one for Genesys’ east coast offices, as we moved into our new space in Chantilly, Virginia. Over 150 employees from Sales, Marketing, Product, Product Marketing, Professional Services, Operations, and Engineering moved into this new contemporary office design featuring an open concept to bring the look and feel of Silicon Valley here to the East coast.

ribbon-1We are excited to see how this new space will transform how we interact each day, how we collaborate, how we share, and how we work. Our new space exemplifies Genesys’ culture of promoting creativity and collaboration for their employees.

The majority of employees at this facility are from the Angel acquisition, but this space will also be utilized by all Genesys employees who live in the area.  This new space continues to show Genesys’ commitment to cloud-based CX companies.

chantilly8To get to this place, we did a series of surveys to staff asking them what they wanted in their new space. We heard that they needed conference rooms, Hot Spots to have quick meetings, collaboration space, a good kitchen/pantry area, and a place to let off some steam. The design and architect firm took those survey results to heart as they were the starting point for the final design we see today.

chantilly3With the foundation of the space built , we are now encouraging staff to make their spaces warm and welcoming by adding in their own personal touches.

As Genesys headquarters is in Daly City, California, our new office’s open concept design is similar to what you would see at other Silicon Valley-based companies like Google or Facebook. By fostering an open layout, countless conference rooms, vibrant design colors, cutting-edge furniture, and social design. Creativity is at its best when an idea can quickly be iterated into a reality, further helping our clients offer the best possible customer engagement. We look forward to giving tours of our new office.

chantilly8-10The Chantilly office is currently looking for great talent as we have 15 opening positions we are looking to fill. Check them out today!


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